What's Your Color?

What’s your color

For Brandelyn Tafoya, falling in love over football was easy. As the wife of former NFL athlete Joe Tafoya, the founder and designer of Lady 12 Apparel found herself cheering for a few NFL teams along the way. She watched her husband play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. 

Founder Brandelyn Tafoya and husband Joe

(Above Image taken of Brandelyn and Joe Tafoya at the NFL Honors Award Show in NY)

It was the experience of becoming part of so many fan bases that Brandelyn discovered the common thread of fans is community. In each city fans would gather to support not only their teams and players but important causes. They were all wearing the colors of their regions! Every time Brandelyn and Joe moved to a new team they met more enthusiastic people in pursuit of collaboration for the good of their city. Brandelyn was simply changing colors but the common denominator was Team Spirit and unity.

The Tafoya’s finally settled in Washington home of the Seattle Seahawks where Joe retired becoming one of the most well known alumni players to create fan engagement with players. Creating some of the biggest rallies and events prior to Super Bowl the Tafoya’s became famous for inviting the Guinness Book of World Records to measure Seattle Seahawks Fans as the Loudest in the entire world. Joe also created and organized The Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game and organized some of the Largest fan mobs to support the team.

It was only natural that Brandelyn became interested in creating apparel to fit the wide array of female body shapes in a tremendous female fanbase. By replacing existing options on the market that were big, boxy, boring and made for men. Brandelyn began designing patterns and cuts that would flatter women who ranged in sizes xs-4x. In addition to that Brandelyn’s designs and patterns were stylish and could be worn to work or on game day in a variety of seasonal options.

Brandelyn launched Lady 12 in 2013 and took the female fan base by storm creating arm bands, cute hats, pajamas, hoodies,tees and yoga pants from high quality, comfortable fabric with in price points almost any consumer could enjoy.

Launching Lady 12 in Albertsons
(Above Image of Brandelyn launching her line in Albertsons/Safeway 2013)

The Lady 12 brand has become the number one apparel choice for female fans in the Northwest. As Lady 12 continues to grow we are focused on colors and garments that resonate in your region. Our goal is to not only create clothes you love to support your favorite team but to participate in something much bigger, your community. We know what fans have in common and it really just comes down to…  What’s your color?

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