Size Matters

Size Matters

Why don't you carry larger sizes?

The first complaint I ever received while working retail with my husbands company in 2012: "Why don't you carry my size?" Over and over again: "Not everyone is a size 0 you know!" "I am so tired of buying mens shirts, they are so boxy." "#MakeLargerSizes" and "Your sizes are off" or "I can never find the size I am looking for!" This was the concept that helped with the birth of Lady12

We love getting down to the ground level and talking to customers. Good or bad we learn from the feedback. It can be scary sometimes to hear the criticism. This is my baby you know? I take it personally, but yes it comes with the territory and sometimes you have to deal with it. Exhibiting and running your vendor booth personally is ultra important. We get face to face with you and we pay attention, we listen. We heard you... LOUD AND CLEAR. In year 1 we began changing the offering. Up the size range and keep the woman figure shaped like, well like a woman.  Although we are constantly looking for the perfect fit, everyone has a different idea of what exactly that means. I will say this about Lady 12 Fashion, one thing that makes our offering unique is in fact the extended sizes - XS to 4XL. 


"I can't believe you have my size"

One of my favorite moments happened at the NW women's show in 2014. After a year of trial and error we were exhibiting and a group of women stopped at our booth. They started looking through our Navy V-Neck Sunday's Finest tees when they stopped and pulled out a shirt. Two of the ladies began whispering then one started crying! Oh Crap! I thought. Then she said "I can't believe they have my size in this! Its so hard to find cute stuff..." She gave us a hug and they each bought two. 

Some women like their clothes loose, some like form fitting, some like thumb holes in the sleeves some like generous chest, some like bright colors some like lightweight...To each their own. The one thing we've learned over the years of trial and error is that each piece has it's own sweet spot. To better help you find yours, we came up with this size chart for our clothes. Check it out and please provide your thoughts.

Size Chart


Brandelyn Tafoya

Just got my order and everything is wonderful. And it truly is nice to be able to find fun, fashionable clothes that are in my size. Even big girls love our Seahawks! LOL Thank you for everything. I’m loving the quality. I get to be a fan and girly at the same time!

Brandelyn Tafoya

Lady12 clothes are comfy and classy and enable your inner fan! The materials are luxurious compared to other fan clothing. The scarves ade to die for! A must have with all wardrobes!

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