Don't be afraid to work for it

Don't be afraid to work for it

If you come by the Lady 12 office it's likely that you will hear the U.S. Army Cadence "Hard Work Work." That's because we are working for ourselves...and our families and friends. Oh and our horses and dogs and chickens and rabbits. Who else is going to do the work? Are you going to hire someone to do something you can do but don't want to? Good luck with that. 

Yesterday Joe and I drove to Port Orchard WA 1.5 hrs from our house to drop off a clothing rack at the new Safeway that opens tomorrow. We are not above working our butts off. My husband played in the NFL for 8 years. He played in the freakin super bowl! Since we have started this company together I have seen him mop the floor at an event, deliver boxes to the back room of a grocery store and pull an all nighter putting stickers on new items. I spend hours upon hours looking over patterns, designs, fabric and mock ups. Tiffany will text us at all hours of the day or night asking about customer service and tax information. Not to mention we run a full time ranch and have 2 babies and a lively social life. 

Our kids are watching. No one is above hard work. Not in our family, not in this business. If you try hard enough... 


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