Walking a Mile (or Two) Lady 12 Style

Hey there Lady 12s!

Just thought I'd add another post about a recent local event Lady 12 had the chance to participate in. We helped the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at the University of Washington raise money and support in their annual event "Walk A Mile in Her Shoes" on October 10th. The entire event was to help bring awareness around domestic violence and sexual violence against women. It was raining cats and Dawgs but the Lady12s and their partners showed up anyway...when it rains we shine! As the title of the event suggests, men got the opportunity to take some high heels for a spin in order to raise awareness about this very serious and important issue that affects more than 12 million people nationwide. In our state alone, 44 people (17 of them women) died in 2014 as a result of domestic violence or other related issues. This total only adds to the 989 people that have died between 1997-2014. As such, any light shed on this issue is invaluable and much appreciated. We donated 100 pair of our socks and all of our team money to the cause. It's always such a pleasure to see the Lady 12s rally in support of local causes in our community. Love ya!

Check out some photos of the Lady 12 guys putting their best (high heeled) foot forward!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Witz:

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