2018 Fashion Show

2018 Fashion Show

The 4th annual Lady 12 Fashion Show is over and I can proudly say that it did not disappoint! I stood at the reception desk with a huge smile on my face greeting 12 after 12 as they came across the skyway decked out in their favorite throwback outfit. I knew almost every single person by face or by name. We had either met in person, through my husband or virtually on facebook but it was impossible to keep track. Even after all this time hosting and organizing productions like this, I never get use to the moments before the doors open. Tabitha & Sarah B were given the near impossible task of helping everyone check in and answer questions. Our seating chart was re-arranged last minute and S**T hit the fan but they were steadfast. Once everyone checked in they were sent to Blanca, Anna, Terry and Lynnette for swag bags! Thank you SanMar Corp for that very cool bag. They not only manufacture our clothes, they support us in many other ways. 

Safeco Field is a beautiful enough setting but we just happened to be having our show during the final stages of setup for the public winter experience known as "ENCHANT." In my humble opinion, every single part of the experience was simply beautiful. The colors, the lights, the music, and the sound of laughter mixed in with an occasional bark filled the terrace club. 

Upstairs, the models were getting ready next to the VIP room. Food started coming out and we had ourselves a party! DJ Berry did the work of 4 people and managed to stay as fresh and beautiful as the moment she walked in! 

It was time to start...Everyone learned that FanFest was moving to Birch Bay, We thanked Moussa at the Gyros House for sponsoring our event and in a flash of Mike Martin's incredible camera out came the models!


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