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Size Matters

Size Matters

Why don't you carry larger sizes?

The first complaint I ever received while working retail with my husbands company in 2012: "Why don't you carry my size?" Over and over again: "Not everyone is a size 0 you know!" "I am so tired of buying mens shirts, they are so boxy." "#MakeLargerSizes" and "Your sizes are off" or "I can never find the size I am looking for!" This was the concept that helped with the birth of Lady12

We love getting down to the ground level and talking to customers. Good or bad we learn from the feedback. It can be scary sometimes to hear the criticism. This is my baby you know? I take it personally, but yes it comes with the territory and sometimes you have to deal with it. Exhibiting and running your vendor booth personally is ultra important. We get face to face with you and we pay attention, we listen. We heard you... LOUD AND CLEAR. In year 1 we began changing the offering. Up the size range and keep the woman figure shaped like, well like a woman.  Although we are constantly looking for the perfect fit, everyone has a different idea of what exactly that means. I will say this about Lady 12 Fashion, one thing that makes our offering unique is in fact the extended sizes - XS to 4XL. 


"I can't believe you have my size"

One of my favorite moments happened at the NW women's show in 2014. After a year of trial and error we were exhibiting and a group of women stopped at our booth. They started looking through our Navy V-Neck Sunday's Finest tees when they stopped and pulled out a shirt. Two of the ladies began whispering then one started crying! Oh Crap! I thought. Then she said "I can't believe they have my size in this! Its so hard to find cute stuff..." She gave us a hug and they each bought two. 

Some women like their clothes loose, some like form fitting, some like thumb holes in the sleeves some like generous chest, some like bright colors some like lightweight...To each their own. The one thing we've learned over the years of trial and error is that each piece has it's own sweet spot. To better help you find yours, we came up with this size chart for our clothes. Check it out and please provide your thoughts.

Size Chart

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Made with you in mind

Made with you in mind

We love scarfs!

You don't expect to walk into a grocery store and find an item of high fashion with an attractive price point. We want you to keep an open mind. Even though this item seems very unexpected it in fact is very expected (and planned).

Introducing the Loose Weave Infinity Scarf by Lady 12 Fashion. We shipped this product to Albertsons, Safeway and Bartell Drugs  and launched online today. 

I thought it would help inspire creativity to do a little research on the origins of the scarf while launching this year's lineup. Did you know that the scarf is believed to originate from ancient Rome? Yup, soldiers used them to keep their necks and bodies free from sweat on the battle field. They were referred to as a "sudarium" which translates to sweat cloth. Historians also believe that the color and material make up of the scarf identified their rank. The better the material and the more attention to detail the higher the rank. In fact, soldiers across the world were using scarfs. There is even a famous scarf or Sudarium of Oviedo that was used to wrap around the head of Jesus. It wasn't until the 19th century that they became a fashion item for men and women. Once again, bright colors and material make up identified social class. Hmmm...Interesting.

Every once in a while I get a vision for a product that won't leave my head. From vision to execution it doesn't alway go as smoothly as I like. Every once in a while though I get the sample back and BAM! Just like I envisioned. Superior quality and perfect color match. The goal was to have a scarf that Roman and Chinese emperors themselves would wear...If they were a woman ;)

Your rank is now_______________Lady 12 Enjoy


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When you love something, Keep it close

When you love something, Keep it close

Our office is always filled with music. Sometimes country, sometimes hip hop but when we wanted throwbacks we couldn't find a good station...Until now! The new Hot 103.7 FM by Entercom came on while Joe and I were in the car together and we never changed the station. After a few months of listening we got to know the station intimately. We were such fans that when the opportunity came around to invite them to our event at the Tumwater autograph session with Thomas Rawls we were thrilled to invite them. Since then we have had morning show DJ Deanna Cruz (and of course Ellen Tailor from 100.7 the Wolf) out on multiple occasions to support our events. Dignity for Divas and also CO-MC of our Lady 12 Fashion show! 

When you love something then you find a way to keep it close.

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Don't be afraid to work for it

Don't be afraid to work for it

If you come by the Lady 12 office it's likely that you will hear the U.S. Army Cadence "Hard Work Work." That's because we are working for ourselves...and our families and friends. Oh and our horses and dogs and chickens and rabbits. Who else is going to do the work? Are you going to hire someone to do something you can do but don't want to? Good luck with that. 

Yesterday Joe and I drove to Port Orchard WA 1.5 hrs from our house to drop off a clothing rack at the new Safeway that opens tomorrow. We are not above working our butts off. My husband played in the NFL for 8 years. He played in the freakin super bowl! Since we have started this company together I have seen him mop the floor at an event, deliver boxes to the back room of a grocery store and pull an all nighter putting stickers on new items. I spend hours upon hours looking over patterns, designs, fabric and mock ups. Tiffany will text us at all hours of the day or night asking about customer service and tax information. Not to mention we run a full time ranch and have 2 babies and a lively social life. 

Our kids are watching. No one is above hard work. Not in our family, not in this business. If you try hard enough... 


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Diva Drive - Collecting Essential Items for Women in need

Diva Drive - Collecting Essential Items for Women in need

Facebook Event Page

Every day there are homeless women in the Seattle area going without some of the most basic human needs. In order to address this social issue and ensure the dignity of those facing a difficult life transition, Dignity for Divas looks to instill confidence through the gifting of Diva Survival Kits containing various personal care items — a powerful step towards helping restore lives.

In partnership with Dignity for Divas, the Lady 12s are hosting a "DIVA DRIVE" to collect essential items for women who are without. The Drive starts on Tuesday December 15th at 3:00PM at the Renton Landing at the Gyro House. From there we will collect items then take them directly to those in need and pass them out.


Bring any of the following items to the drive:

Winter gloves
toiletry items!

Organizer: Nikki Gane
Phone: 206-851-0514
Email: dignity4divas@gmail.com
Website: http://dignityfordivas.com/

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Mechanical Bulls + Football = A Lady 12 Watch Party to Remember!

Mechanical Bulls + Football = A Lady 12 Watch Party to Remember!

Hey all my Lady 12's!

I can't believe it has already been just over a week since we hosted an awesome watch party at Cowgirls Inc in Pioneer Square last Thursday October 22nd! Not only did we get to watch a great game of football in which the result was definitely in our favor, we also handed out some amazing swag bags to some lucky Lady 12s (including a ton of stuff from our amazing sponsor Essenza!). To add to the fun we also hosted a (at times hilarious) mechanical bull riding challenge with the winner getting to choose from some awesome prizes! While fun was definitely had, it was all for a great cause as we helped raise donations for the Meals on Wheels program which help deliver meals to those who are physically unable to leave their homes. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the next watch party! We hope to see you there! 

Love ya!

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Walking a Mile (or Two) Lady 12 Style

Hey there Lady 12s!

Just thought I'd add another post about a recent local event Lady 12 had the chance to participate in. We helped the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at the University of Washington raise money and support in their annual event "Walk A Mile in Her Shoes" on October 10th. The entire event was to help bring awareness around domestic violence and sexual violence against women. It was raining cats and Dawgs but the Lady12s and their partners showed up anyway...when it rains we shine! As the title of the event suggests, men got the opportunity to take some high heels for a spin in order to raise awareness about this very serious and important issue that affects more than 12 million people nationwide. In our state alone, 44 people (17 of them women) died in 2014 as a result of domestic violence or other related issues. This total only adds to the 989 people that have died between 1997-2014. As such, any light shed on this issue is invaluable and much appreciated. We donated 100 pair of our socks and all of our team money to the cause. It's always such a pleasure to see the Lady 12s rally in support of local causes in our community. Love ya!

Check out some photos of the Lady 12 guys putting their best (high heeled) foot forward!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Witz:

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Lady 12 Fashion Show!

Hey Lady 12's!

While it's been a while since the blog has been updated, Lady 12 has been (fashionably) hard at work recently putting on and participating in some awesome events, in addition to designing some awesome clothes! For those who don't know on September 25th we put on our very first Lady 12 Fashion Show as a way to kickoff (see what I did there ;) ) our awesome new 2015/2016 clothing line at the Stadium Place Apartment Complex at the North End Parking Zone at Century Link Stadium. As a result there was an amazing backdrop of the Seattle skyline and the stadium to provide an awesome setting to showcase our wonderful models strutting their stuff on the runway and showing off their Lady 12 pride! Margaret Larson from New Day NW and former Seahawk Joe Tafoya were there to highlight the celebrity runway and details around the fashion. The true star of the night was Luke Willson who generously gave his time making sure to selfie it up with everyone who asked! Naturally in true Lady 12 style the money raised from the show was put towards helping Willson buy football jerseys for high school players at his alma mater Villanova High School in Canada. Needless to say, the event was a huge success with a whopping $3379.82 donated to the effort. While this would not have been possible without the generosity of the Lady 12 community, I have to send a shout out to our awesome sponsor Essenza who provided the VIP area for the show, so some lucky fans could get a front row view of the runway action! 

Check out some snapshots from the event below:



What was your favorite part of the show?


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